The Bush Garden Alpaca Ranch

Glorious Colors of Gorgeous Huacaya Alpacas across a High Desert Ranch in Terrebonne Oregon!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

And now she's felting...

She is also relatively new to blogging and the photos are not in order! hmmm.
But~such fun w/ fiber and soapy water! And out comes an obnoxious lime green pair of Mittens for a happy nephew! Since most nephews can use some hot soapy water occationally as well, we made up packages with directions to make your own wet felted mittens and slippers...for any one wanting to be creative (and clean:)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Referred to by the judge as the "Holstein Merino" (lovingly of course) was just fine with us as "Gus" brought home the championship*

The Bush Garden Alpaca Ranch

And Now Merino Sheep!
Spinners rejoice! Superfine merino wool from the finest animals in the country are now at BG ranch. This is fun* The microns are from 13 to 22. Fabulous!
Friend Lani thinks I will be able to knit one day...the word
Knitwit comes to mind as I try, but it WILL happen! There are just too many things to do.
The spinning is getting better (and I don't have to count anything, I can just keep Visiting w/ friends :) while accomplishing some ravishing new yarns.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

First Twins and now a really late cria!

O the joys of being on baby watch!! This is my favorite time. I always wanted to "be a midwife when I grew up" and whodathought it would be baby alpacas? The twins aborting at eight months was a really sad event. Most alpacas carry twins (which is uncommon) only about six months when they typically abort, so Annie was doing pretty good. This was her first pregnancy. And, then she surprised us with rejected her next "date", which led to a shot of progesterone for the 'retained CL' which makes her body respond like it is still pregnant. week she and the male will try again and all should proceed as normal. Now we await "Kate's " first offspring and it is surely to be soon as she is 11 1/2 months along! It is also the first for the sire, Snowmass Sir Prize" an adorable hunk of a male.

Saturday we shear. Stay tuned for that outcome since we were assured it "never rains in Central Oregon in May" and we are now on day five I think and the forcast calls for rain through the weekend! The evening will still be the whole family, tired but ready to sit and remember those who served and are serving our country in the military. Getting out of 'shear day' will be Micah, our marine, home in the states from his second tour in Iraq. We will tease him about not being here to shear, but praise God for his safe return to the states and will continue our prayers for those still not home.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Bush Garden Alpaca Ranch

The Bush Garden Alpaca Ranch

We had one of the Alpacas abort about three wks ago. She was
8 months and 1 week along (alpacas have a gestation period of
about 11mo+ a wk) "Annie" had twins-which are very rare in
alpacas-at least full term living babies are rare. She had a dark
and a light, both females. I asked a while ago how many pairs
were registered with Alpaca Registry and the gal didn't know.
A few years back there were only six registered pairs in the world.
Most alpacas lose one of the offspring very early on or abort both
by six months.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Bush Garden Alpaca Ranch

The Bush Garden Alpaca Ranch
Has now added ultra fine Merino sheep, with the first one, a ram lamb sold at two months old and now we have twins!
Merino wool mixed with Alpaca fiber is Fabulous and the spinning at the ranch is improving...
Available at the Black Sheep Gathering will be homespun by Lani*
Foam Hat forms, felting needles and all that goes with it will be demonstrated there as well.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

More on NAIS~ Breeder Beware!

Sugar Coated Control....I went to a Camelid site-a nice site, but I gotta tell ya, this NAIS is scary to me. The site offers a survey, which is obviously one-sided, but question #14 was the kicker! The NAIS is already getting their "volunteer" information from the stores you buy feed, your website and your local organizations...all without your consent.* #14 on this particular "survey" was ' How much are you willing to pay to have your animal (each of them including dog, barn cat, etc) tracked for the life of that animal? It started with $1 and went up from there~odd, there was no place to check "I am NOT willing to pay anything". *The reason behind the collection of information from basically anywhere they can get it, is that some states are using it to show how much people SUPPORT the National Animal Identification program.
The following is from the Boston Globe:
Some chicken imports from China proposed
Critics cite fear over bird flu

By Libby Quaid, Associated Press January 28, 2006

WASHINGTON -- The Agriculture Department is seeking to allow importing of poultry processed in China, where thousands of birds and several people have died from bird flu.
Critics are urging the department to drop the proposal, and the US industry is raising concerns about how it would affect consumers' perception of chicken safety. The United States does not import poultry from countries where the virulent bird flu strain is present.
Under the department's proposal, the United States still would not accept Chinese chickens. China would have to process poultry slaughtered in the United States or other countries from which it accepts poultry.
The industry did not ask for the proposal, National Chicken Council spokesman Richard Lobb said. Chicken companies test every flock in the nation to reassure people that chicken is safe to eat.
We want to IMPORT chicken from China, but we need to monitor every goat, sheep or dog???? How is this protecting us from ANYthing??
O, and did you know that the proposal includes FINES if you do not report that you gave away your goat? One post said $1000., so this is nothing to sneeze at. If America is to be protected how about helping the small farmers and those of us who just want to raise our own food...stay tuned and see who is supposed to fund this program!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More on BVDV

Seeing red? Well, this is just another bump in the road for Alpaca Ranchers. This too will pass. But not before we all get on the same page and try to wipe out this disease in Alpacas. It looks to us as if most of the shows will be requiring testing for the virus and those this Spring that aren't will possibly lose some participation. Bush Garden Alpacas! will not have animals at Paloosa this year...and we LOVE that show. These are hard calls to make, but we will be testing our entire herd and also requiring a negative test for those bringing females to breed to BGA Studs. { Please call if you have any questions regarding the protective care your females and their cria will get while here at our high "Desert Rose Ranch" in Central Oregon.} Keep in mind that different farms will need to vary their approach to this disease and your vet will have an opinion on best course of action.